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Buffalo Jump


Mountain Meadow

Potomac River Fall Colors

Rocky Mountain National Park Lake

Gray's Peak Colorado Wildflowers

Winter Antelope

Montana's Prairie


Montana's Little Rocky Mountains

Montana's Missour Breaks Clover

Angry Montana Sky

Alabama Flowers

Trapper Peak View from 10,157 feet

New Years Day in the Tennessee Woods

Prairie Storm

Sunrise Below Ft Peck Dam on the Missouri River

King of the Woods

Fall Color Collage

Acorn Stew

Sunrise at Irish Bayou


Moon Through Montana's Skies

Whitetail Buck in Velvet

Montana Homestead Site

Springtime in the Milk River Valley

Highway to ????

Shore Birds: What kind are they?

Spring is almost here

Graceful Bounds

Montana Morning

Fall Watercolors

Lewis and Clark Trail

Montana Sky

Grassy Prairie

Good Morning Sunshine

New Life on the Water

Another Shorebird (Need help with the Name)

April Sunrise

Gator on Patrol

Snowy Egret

Moon Setting in the air and on the water

Duck Portrait

Bayou Sunrise

Daffy Duck?

Shrimp Boats on the Gulf Coast

River Otter on Patrol



Antelope Home on the Range

Departing ducks

LA Drake Mallards

LA Hummingbird

New Orleans

Bayou Sunset in Louisiana

Milk River Vista Complete with Mosquito

Montana's Missouri River

Montana's Horses, Where am I in Montana?

The Big Sky of Montana

The Orange Sky of Montana

What Kind of Flower is This?

Grazing Geese

Sushi on a stick

Virginia Beach, VA

Where in North America am I? (answer on Links page)

Birds of a Feather

Osprey Back-scratching

Old Town Alexandria

Sunrise near Fort Washington

Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin

Rumble on the River

Golden Eagle Cruising

Eagles "Dog Fight"

Smooth Landing

Pretty Sharp "Toe nails"


Eye Spy, Sleeping with one Eye Open!

Which do you prefer? Color or B&W? (look below)

Swans a swimmin'

Eagles fishing on the Potomac Saturday Morning

Cardinal on Ice


Elk on the River (Photo appears in Montana Outdoors This Month (Jan Feb))

Where in Montana am I?



Glacier from the East

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  is filled with photography by Leith Wimmer, from Montana, Big Sky Country, the Northwest, Washington, D.C. area as well as other photos from other regions.  The photos page has photos of  some of Montana's most beautiful scenery.  Photos of Glacier Park, Yellowstone Park, elk, deer, Bison, Buffalo, waterfowl, antelope (pronghorn), sunsets and sunrises.  On our Washington, D.C. page, you will see some of the monuments like Iwo Jima, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as wellas others in the area. Additionally there are photos of bald eagles, ospreys, and many other birds from the D.C. area.  The Misc page will show you photos from places like the ancient city of Rome, Portland, Oregon, Ocean Sunset and Ocean Sunrise, Photos from a climb of Mt. Baker in Washington along with several other locales.  We hope that you enjoy the site and feel free to leave any comments that you may have with our webmaster listed below.  Thank you for visiting.  Please bookmark our site and come back again and visit.



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