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Montana Photos

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Going to the Sun Highway




Photo Gallery from Montana

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3 Antelope B&W11.jpg

Montana Antelope

Elk 31.jpg

My favorite elk picture

5x5 in timber1.jpg

5x5 Elk in dead timber

5x5 Yellowstone Bugling1.jpg

The same one up close

5x6 Elk 11.jpg

Elk in the Gallitan Drainage

6x6  w 3 cows1.jpg

Elk with his herd in September

6x6 running away1.jpg

Same elk trotting away

Antelope BR11.jpg

Antelope buck

Antelope drinking1.jpg

Antelope at the watering hole

Bear Grass1.jpg

Bear Grass

Bison Range 3.jpg

Mission Mountains

Bison Range Clouds00031.jpg

Rolling Thunder

Blackfoot River1.jpg

Blackfoot River

Breaks hill deer1.jpg

Eastern Montana

Buffalo Bull11.jpg

 "The Boss"


Yellowstone Bison

Elk 51.jpg


Elk Calf1.jpg

Grand kid

Fort Benton Elevator1.jpg

MT Grain Elevator

Frost Milk River11.jpg

Milk River Winter Cottonwood

Ft Peck 6x6 in snow1.jpg

-10 Below

Ghost Town McCone County MT1.jpg

Old trading post

Glacier Park view1.jpg

Glacier Meadow

Glacier Vista1.jpg

Glacier Park

Glaicer Park waterfalls1.jpg

Water from the rocks

Going to Sun Hiway1.jpg

Going-to-the-Sun Highway

Golden Fields1.jpg

My favorite dog

Grain Elevator1.jpg

Central Montana

Helena Overlook1.jpg

Continental Divide above Helena, MT

Hwy 2 Sunrise copy1.jpg

U.S. Highway 2

Lake Reflection1.jpg

Mountain Lake

Madison Valley1.jpg

Madison Valley

Milk River Elevator1.jpg

Chinook MT

Milk River Sunrise11.jpg

Milk River Sunrise

Milk River Sunset1.jpg

Milk River Sunset

Mission Mountains1.jpg

Mission Mountains

Montana Barn00021.jpg

MissoulaCo. Barn

Moonrise2 Milk River1.jpg

Milk River Moonrise

Mule Deer Ft Harrison1.jpg

Ft. Harrison, MT

Sunrise in Oct1.jpg

October Morning

Sunset Ft Peck1.jpg

Sunset over Ft. Peck Lake

Sunset MT mtn1.jpg

Early Morning Fog

Thorny plant Bison Range1.jpg

National Bison Range

Trapper Peak Trees BW1.jpg

Trapper Peak Trees

Trapper Peak11.jpg

Trapper Peak

Winter Elk 7X71.jpg

7x7 Elk

Winter Elk1.jpg



Antelope at the National Bison Range is one of those pictures that you have to look at closely.  The image is taken in Montana, north of Missoula, on one of the best kept secrets in Montana. the Black and White image features three antelope not two that most people see at first glance.  Camera: Nikon F100 Lens Nikon 80-200

5x5 Bull Elk in Timber is another "look closely" photo.  If you look at the center of the photo, you will see the antlers of the elk laying in the downed timber.  Camera Nikon 6006 lens 80-200

The Same one Close Up provides a different perspective from below the elk from a distance of about 15 yards.  This is the first time that I had observed an elk bugle from a prone position.  Camera Nikon 6006 Lens 80-200

Elk in the Gallitan River Drainage:  This elk was just over the edge of a hill.  Staying still and making slow movements allowed a natural  photo to be taken at about 20 yards.  Camera Nikon F-4 Lens 80-200

Elk with his September herd:  It is hard to see anything more majestic than a large bull elk with his "harem" of cows.  this bull was evidently the "herd" bull with some surrounding cows.  The sound of the shrill whistle in the timber in September in the Rocky Mountains of Montana will always be remembered.  Camera Nikon F-4 Lens 80-200.

Same elk without his herd:  This guy was running over to check up on another potential challenger to his territory.  He returned shortly to gather up his "harem" and return to the deep timber.

Antelope (Pronghorn) Buck:  Here's a unique photo with the sun setting low in the west with the antelope positioned between me and the sun.  Camera: Nikon F-4 Lens 80-200

Antelope at the Watering Hole:  Photo with several young antelope bucks gathering around the watering hole.  I especially enjoy their reflections in the water.  Camera:  Nikon F4 with 80-200  Lens.

Bear Grass:  Normally only found at elevations above 5000 feet or so, the plants are very striking and vivid white against the forest background. Camera: Nikon D100 Montana's Bitteroot Valley.




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