Photography by Leith Wimmer


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Eagle Fly By - What type am I?

Ospreys have returned to Nesting

Osprey Logging Operation on 10 March

Cold Duck for Lunch


Ducks straight from the salon

Potomac River Sunrise

My Favorite Dog

Sunrise on the Potomac River

Brrrrrr!!!! It is Cold Outside

Bird Bath or Shower on the DC Mall

Fall on the Mall

Fall Colors Nov 5th on the Potomac

Fall Colors near the Vietnam Memorial

Fall Colors near the Pentagon

Fall Colors

Maple amidst the Oaks

Up Close and Personal

Atlantic Ocean Sunset

Winter in Montana

Montana Majesty

Far Eastern Montana Badlands

September Whitetail in MT

Early Snow in the Crazy Mtns

Milk River Moonrise in Late Sept

Golden Wings

A (Blackfoot) River Runs Through It

Fall Mornings

Osprey Talking

Montana Mountain Goat

Wild Goose Chase

Pink Rose for Mother's Day

Montana Pronghorn (Antelope)

Old Town Alexandria Boats






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